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The neighbourhood scene is a local intervention project, through which 40 independent musicians from Timișoara had the opportunity to perform in 10 concerts organised in the local neighbourhoods. Also, they had the chance to participate in a dialogue platform with other artists from the independent sector, together with whom they created an associative structure. The purpose of this association is to facilitate the communication with public authorities and institutions.

During the pandemic, artists – usually inspiring people on the stage- felt totally marginalized as their concerts and contracts were temporary suspended and their interaction with the audience being significantly limited.

The measures taken by the authorities have not been sufficiently relevant as to strengthen the independent cultural sector and that is why we have joined, through this project, national and international initiatives which aim to support the cultural sector.

he project dynamics

Online, but still together!

Within our project, we have organised 10 (online) concerts in 9 different neighbourhoods of Timisoara, the musical genres chosen being varied – classical music, jazz, blues. Through these concerts, 40 musicians had the opportunity to perform, 30 of them being remunerated for their work, the other 10 getting involved voluntary. The neighbourhoods were selected by public vote, using an interactive map of the city which was made accessible on the project website.

Also, within this project, a number of 4 consultative meetings were held, reuniting 40 musicians involved in the project under the coordination of Johnny Bota – artistic director and Mihai Adrian Vilcea – public policy expert.

Working session with musicians

Be the voice of change!

The neighbourhood scene offered musicians the opportunity to discuss topics of interest to them, under the coordination of a public policy expert, resulting in the establishment of an association. This structure will communicate with public authorities and institutions by transmitting position papers and open letters, or by having direct meetings with the authorities, whenever necessary.

Therefore, the project has created the opportunity to develop an intense collaboration between musicians from the independent sector, in Timisoara, in order to help them promote their interests and support their professional needs.

About EEA Grants

The project was implemented by Trib’Art Association (Artistic Tribe) benefiting from a 14.950 euro grant from Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

The content of this page does not necessarily reflect the official position of the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021; for more information, visit

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      What age category do you fall into?


      What neighborhood do you live in?

      What kind of music do you listen to most often?

      What other musical genre do you prefer?

      What device do you use most often to listen to music?

      How often did you attend concerts before the pandemic?

      How much would you be willing to pay for a ticket to a local band concert?

      What kind of concert would you like to have in your neighborhood?

      Who would you take with you to the concert?

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      Scena din Cartier DB
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      Events programme

      7Online meeting no.1

      Online via Zoom

      guests: Mihai Vilcea, Ovidiu Andriș, Johnny Bota

      objectives and discussion topics:

      • getting to know each other;
      • needs analysis of the independent sector (organisation, representation, cooperation);
      • the organisational capacities of the independent sector in ordinary but also crisis times.

      14CLAR Band

      Online live concert
      Casa Tineretului – neighbourhood: Stadion

      Artists: Claudia Negruț, Loris Negruț, Bebe Borozan, Zsolt Szamtarto.

      21Leslie Wolf and The Groovemakers

      Online live concert
      MorSound – neighbourhood: Ciarda Roșie

      Artists: Farkas Laszlo, Horațiu Silași, Gabriel Bot.

      22The Skywalkers

      Online live concert
      Faber Community – neighbourhood: Fabric

      Artists: Thea Marconi, Raluca Mandae, Andrei Marconi, Raul Iuga.

      28Online meeting no.2

      Online via Zoom

      guests: Mihai Vilcea, Ovidiu Andriș, Johnny Bota

      discussion topics:

      • platforms for communicating with the authorities;
      • funding and grant opportunities.

      29Duo Percuție

      Online live concert
      Scârț – loc lejer – neighbourhood: Elisabetin

      Artists: Amelia Trifu, Philip Goron.

      3Online meeting no.3

      Online via Zoom

      guests: Mihai Vilcea, Ovidiu Andriș, Johnny Bota

      discussion topics: developing the status of a new association, currently in the process of being established.

      5Punctul Termic

      Online live concert
      Centrul de Tineret Șagului – neighbourhood: Calea Șagului

      Artists: Dan Mitrofan, Kühn Toni, Miclauș Victor, Tavi Scurtu.

      6Cvartet Timisonic

      Online live concert
      Librăria Cărturești – neighbourhood: Cetate

      Artists: Georgiana Rădulescu, Irina Vizir, Petre Calin, Ioan Mihăilescu.

      12The Others

      Online live concert
      Centrul de Tineret Lipovei – neighbourhood: Ion Ionescu de la Brad

      Artists: Mircea Nedelcu, Aurel Dragalina, Adrian Văduva, Norbert Olah.


      Online live concert
      Kunsthalle Bega & Makemakr Cafe Bar – neighbourhood: Circumvalațiunii

      Artists: Jacqueline Kohl, Fabian Galiș, Lucas Kohl, Sergiu Lutai, Diana Stoica (choreography), Florin Vlaicu (choreography).

      17Online meeting no.4

      Online via Zoom

      guests: Mihai Vilcea, Ovidiu Andriș, Johnny Bota

      discussion topics: electing the board of the new association.


      Online live concert
      Magazinul Soundcreation – neighbourhood: Torontalului

      Artists: Lucian Oros, Paul Grosar, Stelian Ivănescu, David Rogojan.


      Online live concert
      Casa Tineretului – neighbourhood: Stadion

      Artists: Cătălina Ciortea, Luca Dragu, David Mihai Popa aka DMP, Bogdan Potra, Raul Iuga.